Please take a few minutes to read all of the information written below - it's very important material!

Great safety coaching from your supervisors is no longer a luxury - it's a must. In fact, if you have not been teaching your supervisors and managers how to be great safety coaches, I only ask, why not? Your safety training must emphasize safety coaching in order to match up with the type of safety culture you will want to create and maintain!

"RailAmerica Executive Wins
Top Railroad Safety Award!"

"If Your Supervisors Aren't Leading the Way
to a 35% Reduction In Accidents -
Why Aren't They?"

A 35% Reduction in Accidents...

"The safety coaching principles developed and taught by David Sarkus have been instrumental in helping us reduce our accident rate by more than 35%!"

- Bob Jones, West Region Vice President,
RailAmerica Chairman,
Cross-Regional Safety Team

Highest Individual Safety Award to Bob Jones

News Directly From American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (Washington, D.C.): Bob Jones received the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association's (ASLRRA) highest individual safety honor as the "2008 - Safety Person of the Year." Jones led RailAmerica to its safest year ever in 2008, with a 1.64 FRA frequency index, and a 35%, year-over-year improvement. In 2007, Jones customized a safety process based on The Safety Coach® Learning System™ and the book, The Safety Coach®: Unleash the 7Cs for World-Class Safety Performance! Both products were developed and written by David Sarkus, MS, CSP. Jones embedded the 7C's into the region's safety culture and helped implement the concepts throughout RailAmerica.

More from Bob Jones

My name is David Sarkus and I've been a safety professional for over 28-years. I have worked in a wide variety of industries and most all of my work goes beyond compliance - in other words most people consider it "value added."

Also, a great deal of my work revolves around safety coaching, safety leadership, supervisory safety training, and safety culture. Over the years, people started to label me as The Safety Coach®, and it stuck! I also played football for the West Virginia Mountaineers which also helped with the label.

I have worked very hard in this profession and have reaped many benefits - that's what hard work does for you.

Beyond the work experience, I hold two masters degrees; one in safety management and the other in organizational / industrial psychology. Both have helped me to better help others like you. And I certainly could not be providing this safety coaching system without the M.S. in industrial psychology.

I'm also a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) by examination and serve as technical editor or Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN).

I Have to Tell You

When I first started out in safety almost 30 years ago, the supervisor was always recognized as one of the keys to good safety performance. Well, I should say the supervisor or mid-level manager. If you had a supervisor who was held accountable and cared about safety - things usually went pretty well. And if your supervisors and managers lead like a safety coach – great things happened which really had an impact on your culture for safety. This leads to the very fact that your leadership and supervisor safety training has to include an emphasis on safety coaching!

Things Have Changed...

In the last 25-years we have seen self-directed safety teams, safety team leaders, behavior-based safety, peer observers, the safety culture evolution, and just about everything in between! All of these things can be good, and have their place, but something bad was also happening.

We got away from one of the basics

Over the past 15-years, many organizations were starting to have morale problems and were getting more and more resistance from their workers, often because the supervisor was being left out of safety and certainly was not a safety coach. In some cases, supervisors seemed to brush off all kinds of safety responsibilities that were once considered a central part of their jobs. And workers were beginning to perceive their supervisors as leaders who no longer wanted to do their part when it came to safety. In many companies, it was at least partly because of worker-driven programs and processes that shouldn't have left them out in the first place! And we all know that's not always a good thing. Your safety culture is directly influenced by the safety coaching that occurs, every day, within your organizations.

A constant in every industry

Your supervisors and managers need to be the constant in your organizational safety equation, especially when it comes to getting great safety results. They need to learn how to become effective safety coaches. And if you aren't getting consistently great safety results from your supervisors, you need to keep reading this letter because the reasons are fairly simple.

There Are Only 3 Reasons Why Your
Mid-Level Managers and Supervisors Are Not Getting
Outstanding Safety Results for Your Organization...

Reason #1: They're still holding onto that old-school "safety cop" mentality. Let's face it, the cold war is over! And you can't force your people to work safely. If you do, at most, you'll get superficial compliance - they'll do what they think they have to do when somebody's around, but when they're not - lookout! Well, real commitment from your workers requires more than threats, promises, or discipline. It requires that supervisors adopt a whole new mindset and a whole new skill set. Initially, that means that supervisors have to stop seeing themselves as "safety cops" and start viewing themselves as "safety coaches." Yes, safety coaching and supervisor safety training is a very important and essential ingredient to an outstanding safety culture.

18 Month TRIR Reduction

.43 to .27 (approximately 37% reduction)
David's coaching system uses the soft skills approach of "showing care and concern" as a way for leaders to motivate and influence employees to work safely all the time even their supervisors aren't around. As a result, employees are more engaged and own the safety process, which in the long run leads to a more sustainable safety culture on a day to day basis.

-Ed Hribar, VP EHS, Avery Dennison

Reason #2: They have not been adequately trained. We all know that supervisors are often thrown into their jobs with very little invested in appropriate training. On many occasions, the poor manager or supervisor is left to his own devices while your leaders hope and pray for the best. I guess it's about learning as you go? And safety usually takes a back seat as supervisors get bogged down in all kinds of production, quality, and people concerns. So let's be honest, your people need leadership support and training that's specific to safety and focused on improving their safety coaching skills.

Reason #3: They have not learned the right safety coaching principles. Often, leaders like your supervisors don't have a clue to the kinds of safety coaching principles that really work. Coaching principles that line up with sustainable safety excellence and world-class safety performance. Well, we teach principles that work and give you the greatest return on your investment! And when supervisors get great safety results that aren't based on luck or happenstance, they'll gain greater confidence in using proven principles that will give them predictable results - over-and-over, again! And that's sustainable success.

Got to Zero - 40% Accident Reduction. . .

"We used The Safety Coach® Learning System™ developed by David Sarkus - it played a big part in helping us get to zero and in reducing accidents by more than 40%. . ."

- Phil Khoury, Director of Operations,
Power Gas Marketing & Transmission, Inc.,
(A Sithe Energies Company)

More from Phil Khoury

Why Safety Coaching?

Day-in and day-out, nearly every worker needs to be coached. And as you know, it can be difficult to work safely without proper support and coaching. It can take a bit longer to follow procedures; it may be more uncomfortable to wear certain PPE; and pressures from significant peers and productivity challenges can push workers in the wrong directions.

What happens next? Well, accidents, errors and injuries occur, that's what. Part of the solution to this ongoing safety culture challenge is to make everyone a better safety coach.

A safety coach is someone who connects with his people and positively impacts the attitudes and actions of everyone around him. He's not a cop who demands compliance with the law but a coach who gets people to go the extra mile and a half by doing more than meeting minimum expectations.

We Highly Recommend this Program. . .

"Our company is in the railroad industry, and we were looking for something to take our safety performance to a higher level. After a lot of research, we found The Safety Coach® Learning System™. When we received the material and read through it, we said 'WOW this is Great!!!' We immediately implemented the system with training and education to our employees. . .

We highly recommend this program. This is great stuff!"

- Don Seil, General Manager
California Northern Railroad

Robert Deem, CFNR

Jon Kerruish, CFNR

Javier Arias, CFNR

From This Fully-Packaged Two-Day System You Will Learn Principles and Techniques Seldom Taught in The World of Safety

Our safety coaching system uses repetitive spaced learning, video, and in-depth scripted materials for your trainers and participants that include:

Assessment of each participant’s primary and secondary forms of influence and ways to adapt accordingly

An observation and coaching model that will make safety coaching sessions more efficient and effective so leaders won’t miss what they need to see.

The three bases of power and influence that create three different kinds of critical changes in employee attitudes and actions.

Important insights into the three domains of safety attitude formation and how they impact employee actions.

The three most important levels of positive change in safety attitudes and actions.

How to move people away from superficial compliance to lasting forms of safety commitment through critical safety conversations.

Various reinforcement techniques for everyday and unique job situations.

The seven most important components of safety coaching.

The primary and secondary forms of impact that relate to confirming and positive reinforcement.

Situation-based coaching to match your employees’ overall skills and motivation.

The best way to correct and redirect appropriately in order to avoid resistance and resentment.

Use daily coaching techniques and insights that will allow you to maintain a connection with your workers.

How your safety coaching style must match the type of culture you want to create.

The 10 major components of good listening.

The formula for systematic inquiry and appropriate listening in order to gain more engagement.

Powerful and practical techniques for speaking to groups and becoming more persuasive.

The most effective global and strategic principles of today’s best leaders.

Feedback tools for alignment of your leaders' actions with your vision for a safety excellence.

Benefits to You and Your Organization
That Go Far Beyond What You See on the Surface and
Far Beyond Safety Culture

I spent more than 12 years refining and developing these principles and this system. And I went back to school for my second master of science in organizational psychology, just to develop a model and system like the one you're reading about in this letter.

Some people thought I was crazy to go back to school, put my life on hold, and put my head and heart to the grindstone for 3 or 4 more years - I was 37 years of age at the time.

But there is so much value in what I am offering to you.

The value to your organization from The Safety Coach® Learning System™ goes beyond traditional safety training in so many ways by:

Creating a high-performance safety culture

Aligning employee and supervisory safety performance and action-based goals to your overall vision and mission for success

Building on your current safety program and process strengths

Gaining a competitive advantage through safety and your culture for safety

Creating greater positive safety dialogue between workers, peers, and supervisors

Improving the overall attitudes and actions towards safety - even away from work

Increasing trust throughout your organization and safety coaching

Reducing employee resistance for positive safety changes

Increasing the efficiency of proactive monitoring of the workforce

Allowing you to set up a "soft-skills safety coaching track" along with "technical or traditional safety training" for your managers and supervisors

Here’s a Few Screen Shots to Show You The PowerPoint Slides with Fully Scripted Notes for Your Insight and Delivery…

The Importance of Preparing to Observe
and Coach More Effectively and Efficiently

Great Coaches and Leaders Know How to Set Expectations

Confirming as a Global Principle for Positive Reinforcement and It’s Impact

Feedback is a Very Necessary Part of Great Safety Coaching

As an Optional Video You Will Also Hear from Legendary Football Coach, Bobby Bowden and Gain Great Insights

A focus on improving actions and attitudes
will result in reductions in lost-time accidents,
recordable injuries, and first-aid cases!

The Safety Coach® Learning System™ is part of the same training package David uses to enhance safety coaching skills for many of the top organizations in the world. If you are looking to enhance the coaching skills of peers, supervisors or managers, this is a great system for you.

The Safety Coach® Learning System™ uses a 20 minute safety coaching video, special information-packed slides (over 200+ fully-scripted slides with color illustrations), The Safety Coach® books, pocket books, upward feedback guidelines, and a leader's guide. Depending on your needs, this learning system can be used for half or full-day seminars that will lead to improved actions and attitudes throughout your organization. This system, unlike any other, will show you and your people how to lead from the heart and get better results than ever before!

Bobby Bowden. . .

See and hear from coaching legend and two-time national champion, Bobby Bowden and David Sarkus, The Safety Coach®. Coach Bowden discusses the most important aspect of bringing any team or organization together - "Heart Power!"

You Get a Great Deal of Information and a
Tons of Products - You May Need a Forklift!

Here's what you get - and the package is so heavy and big you may need to get a forklift to help you move it to your offices.

1. The Safety Coach® Learning (Manual) with PowerPoint Slides (Fully Scripted): Single Item Value:  Too High to Place a Value or much more… Some organizations will pay $200,000 or more to obtain a global license for such a product. And I know this for a fact.

This system is part of the same training package David uses to enhance safety coaching skills for many of the top organizations in the world. If you are looking to enhance the coaching skills of you're your supervisors or managers this is a great system for you.

This learning manual uses over 200 slides with color illustrations. Each slide is fully scripted for the trainer and is ready to use. Depending on your needs, this training package can be delivered for full-day or half-day sessions that will lead to improved actions and attitudes throughout your organization.

2. The Safety Coach®: Unleash the 7C's for World-Class Safety Performance! (Book): Single Item Value: $598.50 for 30 of these great coaching books that I have sold in the tens of thousands. This book contains over 105 pages of great content.

Effective communications in safety is extremely critical; however, very few people confidently rely on a set of principles that will consistently lead to positive changes in employee actions and underlying attitudes. This book teaches seven basic coaching principles that can be used in any work environment that will result in positive changes in safety performance. The Safety Coach® is filled with illustrations and is presented in an easy-to-read format for managers, supervisors, and workers. Whether you want to improve supervisory coaching skills or the coaching skills used within an employee-driven behavior-based process, this book will allow you to meet your objectives.

3. Safety Coach (Video): Single Item Value: $495.00 for 1 VHS or DVD. Many organizations are struggling to find efficient and effective principles to positively influence safety-related attitudes and actions. This video is a complementary learning tool to The Safety Coach® learning manual and books and will help your managers and supervisors to become world-class safety coaches. If you are looking for ways to impact everyday actions in deeper and more durable ways, this video is for you. David Sarkus serves as on-camera host of this Coastal best seller and college football’s all-time win leader, Bobby Bowden appears as special guest. You won't want to miss Coach Bowden as he shares his own thoughts that have won two national championships at Florida State. This video and the 7Cs of World-Class Safety Perfor-mance will help everyone in your organization become a better safety coach and a more inspired leader.

4. Everybody's a Safety Coach™: 77 Ways That Will Make You a World-Class Safety Coach! (Book): Single Item Value: $300.00 for 30 of these 52 page pocket books. You can't beat these books for everyday value. It serves as a quick reference guide for your safety coaches. This powerful little booklet condenses the learning for each reader into 77 everyday principles. It serves as a companion book to The Safety Coach®: Unleash the 7C's for World-Class Safety Performance! and is a must have for every supervisor or manager.

5. Get Engaged Now! 75 Ways to Capture Everyone's Hearts and Minds for World-Class Safety! (Book): Single Item Value: $300.00 for 30 of these 52 page pocket books. Everyone needs to be involved and fully engaged in order to achieve extreme success in safety. And by getting more traction through engagement, you can be sure to step up to higher ground. This book serves as a companion book to Everybody's a Safety Coach™: 77 Ways That Will Make You a World-Class Safety Coach! and is a must have for every supervisor or manager.

6. The 7C's (Poster): Single Item Value: $114.75 for 5 of these bright and beautiful 22" x 17" posters that will serve as a constant reminder for your supervisors and managers. Each of the 7C's is highlighted with a behavioral definition and illustration that provides so much impact when it comes to everyday coaching and the influence of workers' attitudes and actions. This item, like all of the others, is one of my clients' favorites.

I didn't want to send these Free Bonus items out but. . .

A good friend and colleague convinced me that I should. He said that "the products are so good, they'll probably want to buy more. . ." So, in some ways, I am being a little selfish. Oh well. . .

These are great tools that I sell all the time but figured that it would be a good idea to make a part of The Safety Coach® Learning System™.

FREE Bonus Item #1. The Safety Coach®: Says… You Can Champion Change! (Book): Single Item Value: $199.50 for 10 of these great safety culture change books that your leaders will love. Very few people understand how individuals and groups come to accept and embrace cultural change in safety. Each of us works through various cycles of change ultimately committing to what is necessary if the change is handled appropriately. This book will not only help you to understand the four cycles of change but will allow you to engage champions for change who will want to make the evolution toward safety excellence a reality in your organization. This book will make any reader believe that positive change is possible. It also highlights the eight most critical compon-ents of safety culture change. The Safety Coach® Says. . is in story form - and its four main characters will engage and entertain you and your future champions of change. Over 114 pages of great change content. Coach! and is a must have for every supervisor or manager.

FREE Bonus Item #2. 60 Seconds (Video): Single Item Value: $197.00 for 1 DVD. This is a fast-paced 5-minute video for meeting-openers or closers and is great for any industry. This video also provides an "attention control" tool that can help everyone stay focused and pay attention to the right things at work and at home. The video includes great video clips and voice over to keep your people tuned in and on the edge of their seats. Overall, the video can lead to great discussions that can carry over to natural forms of rein-forcement that will lead to greater development of proper attitudes and actions.

FREE Bonus Item #3. Safety Coaching Coupon for 1-Free Hour Telephone Consultation on "The System" with David Sarkus, MS, CSP. Single Item Value Over: $300.00 for 1-Free hour of telephone consultation (one time call) with David Sarkus regarding use and implementation of your coaching system. David often commands upwards of $12,000 per day when he visits organizations on-site but this hour of his time is given to you absolutely free.

Training Your Supervisors to Be Great Safety Coaches and
Not Safety Cops Gives You a Great Return
On Your Investment

Just think what it might cost to train all of your employees to be safety coaches? That happens within some organizations that train all of their employees in a BBS process. Here's what the breakdown might look like in a 200 person facility:

200 people away from their jobs for 8-hours (with an average salary of $15 per hour = $24,000. And that doesn't even figure in the cost of the consultant or trainer!

Or how about the cost of sending 30 of your supervisors off-site for one full-day of training? That's 30 x $25 per hour = $6,000 plus hotel and air travel, that's another, $1200 each, minimum, so you're talking about $36,000.

Or you can bring a consultant in for $4,000 to $10,000 a day or more plus some of the expenses you already read about.

Or you can purchase The Safety Coach Learning System™ for much, much less and still get great impact! That's why I'm saying the ROI is substantial!

When you use The Safety Coach Learning System™ you set yourself and your organization up for great success.

Just think about the positive attention you'll receive from your boss and the supervisors who will be a part of a new and innovative program that actually works!

You will get positive results that you can claim as a professional and will have the success stories to back it up. And you know how valuable these success stories can be for you and your career growth, don't you?

The Safety Coach Learning System™

The economy and your investment

I know this is a weak economy but this is a great investment. A great investment in your company… A great investment in yourself. . .

And a great investment in your career.

The last time I raised pricing, the phone nearly rang off the hook! I am sensitive and didn't want to bother with all of the calls. . .

And look, you have my signed, money-back guarantee (print it out and keep a copy for yourself).

You get to kick the tires and give it a test ride for 60-days - if you don't like it, just send it back. No hard feelings - there's someone right behind you who wants to make things happen and drive down their injury rates. I will send them your system, right after I get it back from you.

But I'm confident that you're going to love this product and keep it around forever...

Accidents are still happening and smart people are taking advantage of every proven way possible to put at end to injuries, illnesses, and incidents that keep pushing workers' compensation costs and related losses upward and skyward.

My Bullet Proof
60 days - Risk Free
100% Money-Back Guarantee

As a well known safety professional, my personal credibility and integrity are on-the-line. And I always like to put my money where my mouth is… So I'm giving you a risk-free - full-money back opportunity.

You have a full 60-days to look over all the materials in The Safety Coach Learning System™. If you don't like what you see or you're not pleased in any way with this product, just send all of the materials back and we'll credit your account or write you a check for your initial purchase. It's that simple - no questions asked. You have my word (and my signature) on it!

Now look, you have to act now and act fast.

I get bored easily and may move on to develop a new product. In fact, I am working on a new product that will be released in about 6 months.

For you that means, I may jack up the price a good bit more and only sell to those who really are interested in making the system work and getting to zero accidents.

I'm like that - I won't mess around.

Some people take action when they see something good and others just sit around waiting for something to hit them in the head.

I know how it works - I've been in safety for over 28-years and some people are still talking about doing something that's really value-added 10, 15, and 20 years later. Their still mentally-stuck in the safety compliance routine… I've seen it happen far too often.

I don't mean to sound harsh but that's the cold-stone truth.

I hope you aren't one of those people!

You’re Still Not Sure “This System” is
Right for Your Company

Well, it may not be “the right coaching system” if you don’t want to improve safety performance! You got it, I’ve heard all of the reasons and the “why not’s” and a few of the other barriers to improving safety performance.

Any program like this is really hard to implement.

Well, it isn’t hard to implement at all.  With minimum preparation as a trainer (one day) you can educate a plant full of supervisors in a day or two. 

I need results right away anything like this will take way too long to get results. 

Have you read and watched the testimonials on this page?  Most of the organizations you’ll read about and hear from have had injury reductions of more than 35% in the first year alone!  At times, workers’ compen-sation costs have dropped by 50% or more again all in the first year!

This program is really expensive compared to other safety programs?

If you compare it to some type of compliance training maybe.  But this is a high-end, value-added system, in many ways.  It’s not expensive at all when you compare the cost of bringing in a consultant or trainer who will charge you anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 or more for a full day of training.  And that doesn’t include follow-up or refresher training which you can do repeatedly with this system, at no additional cost.  You can use it over and over again.  What’s the average cost of a back injury today — $6000 to $12,000?  You’ll get your monies worth from this system, many times beyond your initial investment.  Any yes, you need to look at this as a great investment in your organization and in your people. Don’t view it as an expensive or add-on.

Why can’t I just buy one of your books?

Well, the book is great but you and your people will never gain the breadth and depth of knowledge provided in this system.  All of the PowerPoint slides are fully scripted with my knowledge and thoughts that you simply won’t find in the book.  In fact, you’ll never read some of the special secrets I reveal in any other safety-related book.  You will also get a bunch of video clips to get the learning across to everyone in your company.

Our industry is really unique – it’s unlike any other.  Will this system work for us?

To be honest, everyone thinks their industry is unique and like no other.  But the principles taught in this system are universal and can work anywhere and within any type of industry.  I have taught these principles in almost every imaginable industry they flat out work.  From manufacturing, to construction, to service, railroads, petrochemical and everything in between.  You name it I’ve done it!

Why should I buy this product from you?

I have dedicated my career to helping others like you improve safety performance.  I have studied culture and safety leadership for more than 28 years it’s my passion!  In 1996, I went back to school at 37 years of age to learn more about influencing attitudes and actions and ended up finishing my second masters’ degree in organizational psychology. Much of my learning had that same focus — influencing safety-related attitudes and actions.  And much of that effort is what you’ll see in this coaching system.  I also studied under a protégé of Elliot Aronson, a world-renowned social psychologist who taught at Harvard University, University of Minnesota, University of Texas, and University of California, Santa Cruz.  Aronson is considered the foremost authority on social influence.  You might want to look up Dr. Aronson on Wikipedia.  You can bet that I have learned more than most in this really important arena.

These principles will work for you if you implement them and support them. It’s just like any other safety program or process. If not, guess what?  You have my Iron Clad FULL 365 day Money Back Guarantee that allows you to return this system you don’t lose a thing!

We’re pretty happy with our safety performance right now — we don’t need to improve our safety leadership or our safety culture.

I’m sure you don’t really mean that or you wouldn’t be reading this website.  Any good leader, safety professional or safety practitioner that I’ve known over the last 25 years seldom remains satisfied.  The best safety leaders that I know are always looking for ways to improve their professional credibility and to make their safety cultures better.  I’m sure that includes you!

It's time to take action now and get things going. . .

Especially if you want to reap the many benefits of
Great Safety Coaching!

Please contact me ASAP we want to consider using The Safety Coach Learning System™

Please provide your info

We respect your email privacy

This is a great system that will have an immediate impact on your safety culture but you have to take action now in order to get things started.

Best Regards,

David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP

David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP
President and Founder
David Sarkus International

Visit the Safety Coach David Sarkus at his web site

P.S. The Safety Coach Learning System™ provides a great ROI and many companies see this system as a competitive advantage. From railroad organiza-tions, to construction companies, to the manufacturing industry - safety can be the factor in securing more work and getting better and better contracts.

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